Allison Brashear: faculty expert in medical education; Dystonia and spasticity


Vice President for Health Sciences
University at Buffalo

Dean of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
University at Buffalo

Medical education and research, diversity in medicine, women in medicine, community engagement and health equity, clinical trials, treatment of rare neurological disorders, spasticity and dystonia.

Allison Brashear can speak to the media on issues related to medical education and health sciences education, diversity in medicine, including women’s leadership in the field, health equity and gender equality. community engagement on COVID-19 and other issues.

Brashear is an internationally recognized expert in clinical trials for rapid onset dystonia parkinsonism (ROP), ATP1A3-related diseases and dystonia/spasticity. Funded by the NIH since 2008, Brashear and his team are experts in RDP, a genetic syndrome triggered by physiological stress.

She is an internationally renowned researcher whose work has fundamentally transformed the way spasticity and dystonia are treated. She led the first clinical trial to demonstrate that botulinum toxin can successfully treat wrist and finger spasticity in stroke victims. She was a principal investigator in 40 clinical trials for cervical dystonia and spasticity, leading to 3 FDA-approved drugs to treat patients with disabling muscle spasms.

Brashear holds an MBA from Duke University. She completed a Public Health Leadership Program for Physicians as well as a one-year National Program for Women Leaders in Academic Medicine.

Allison Brashear, MD
Vice President for Health SciencesUniversity at Buffalo
DeanUniversity at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
ChairUB Associates Board of Directors

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