Augmented reality medical technology company MediView secures $9.9 million in SAFE funding


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March 11, 2022 – MediView XR, Inc., a provider of augmented reality (AR) and telecollaboration technologies for healthcare, recently announced the closing of a US$9.9 million SAFE funding round syndicated by Inside View Investments, LLC, a private investment. This latest round of funding brings MediView’s total funding raised to date to approximately US$14.4 million.

MediView combines augmented reality with surgical navigation to provide surgeons and healthcare professionals with 3D “x-ray vision” through the skin for minimally invasive procedures. Through its technological innovations, the company aims to improve medical imaging, clinical efficiency, patient outcomes and access to high quality modern medical services.

“This round of funding provides a critical track for MediView to achieve several milestones over the next 12 months, particularly in the areas of FDA submissions, commercialization, strategic engagements, and investment in our team and our expanding resources,” said Adam E. Rakestraw, Co-Founder and President of MediView.

The company currently has three tiers of its platform in different stages of development:

The XR30 – now in its early stages of commercialization, helps alleviate long-standing ergonomic issues with medical imaging. Practitioners can use augmented reality to optimally position ultrasound imaging in the line of sight of their hands, tools, and the patient during minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, XR30 enables collaboration between onsite and remote caregivers.

The XR50 – to submit for FDA approval in the first half of the year, adds procedural guidance capabilities to the XR30 by creating a visible pathway for the practitioner’s instrument during procedures.

The XR90 Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation System – MediView’s lead product is expected to be submitted to the FDA in the second half of 2022, according to the company. The XR90 allows practitioners to have an “X-ray view” of a patient’s detailed internal soft tissues, organs, vascular and skeletal structures. The system further combines live imaging and tracking of surgeon tools with X-ray vision for enhanced surgical navigation capabilities. Expanding access to less invasive cancer ablation therapies is the first application of the XR90 platform.

MediView said its products were developed in collaboration with Microsoft, using the company’s HoloLens 2 device, GE Healthcare for its imaging technologies, and the Cleveland Clinic where clinical and technical research is ongoing. In addition to the AR and X-Ray vision capabilities of MediView products, all three solutions enable remote collaboration via any internet-connected device or a HoloLens 2 headset.

According to MediView President and CEO Mina Fahim, the company is currently in negotiations with a number of imaging and medical device industry leaders to develop new AR solutions. Commenting on the funding, Fahim said, “With this funding, MediView is strongly positioned to carry out our upcoming fundraising activities.”

MediView said it expects to close the Series A financing in early 2023 and will participate in the LSI Emerging MedTech Summit in Dana Point, California next week to kick off these efforts.

For more information about MediView and its augmented reality solutions for “x-ray vision” for surgeons, please visit the company’s website. website.

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