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Founder says there’s never been a better time to start a small business – if you start it right

LAS VEGAS, NV/ACCESSWIRE/April 4, 2022/ The US Census Bureau says small business owners in the United States filed 5.4 million new business applications in 2021, a new record. Unfortunately, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), only two-thirds of these businesses will survive at least two years., the largest national network of volunteer mentors and business experts, says 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues, leading to credit issues and possibly causing problems getting approved. of a loan.

Scheli Jones, CEO and Founder of Biz Credit Talks understands this problem first hand. Jones ran a very successful hair salon for more than 20 years and was shocked when she was refused a loan because her business had no credit history. Biz Credit Talks urges small businesses to establish a credit history and create a track record of success and sustained growth.

Jones says, “Many small business owners rely on profits to sustain their business. Others get cash advances from their daily or weekly receipts. Instead, small business owners need to build long-term business credit. According to Jones, “by increasing your business credit ratings, you will open doors for big lending institutions to lend you money at a better rate.”

Biz Credit Talks indicates that small business owners often make mistakes when setting up their business, starting with establishing the right business entity. Jones says, “When you choose a business entity, you decide how to protect your personal assets from legal liabilities associated with conducting business. You need to learn the difference between the different business entity options. The SBA has an excellent resource that describes the different types of business entities. Be sure to check. (

Small business owners must also have a credible business address, even if it is a home address. Biz Credit Talks advises, “You should update your address with the IRS, your Secretary of State, your city and county, your financial accounts, your business credit accounts, etc. Having an incorrect address is a surefire way to be denied a loan.

Finally, businesses need a credible business phone number, not a cell phone number. Biz Credit Talks says, “You must designate a separate line for your business: either a landline or a credible VoIP. Using an 800 number is also acceptable.

Biz Credit Talks wants struggling business owners to know they’re not alone. Jones says, “If you are at the core of challenges, you can feel like a failure. However, by taking simple steps, you will be able to position your business to obtain the capital you need to succeed. As someone who has overcome obstacles, she offers hope. “At the end of the day, you know in your heart that you started your small business for all the right reasons. Keep moving forward.


Biz Credit Talks offers a variety of strategies to help entrepreneurs maintain or grow their business by establishing a solid foundation. Scheli Jones, owner and founder of Hair Works International and Biz Credit Talks, learned that her 20-year-old thriving hair salon was untrustworthy and took charge of building business credit. She helps entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of business creation and sets them up for long-term success. For more information, visit For more information, visit Biz Credit Talks at Facebook.


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