Continuous innovations underway in medical education in Madhya Pradesh


Minister of Medical Education, Shri Vishwas Kailash Sarang said innovations are continuously being made in the field of medical education. A further step has been taken in the chain of these innovations with the launch of the “Medical Knowledge Sharing Mission”. The mission will bring the latest technologies, innovations and research in medical education and medical treatment nationally and internationally to medical students and physicians in Madhya Pradesh.

During the inauguration of the medical knowledge sharing mission office, Minister Shri Sarang said that work will be done on various dimensions of the mission. MoUs will be signed with various medical institutions (governmental and private) in the country and abroad for education, research and treatment.

Programs such as training, capacity building, knowledge exchange, exhibition visit program, etc. will be prepared for medical students and doctors. An interactive digital knowledge exchange platform will be developed to enable medical students and practitioners to digitally share their experiences, research and other innovations.

Minister Shri Sarang informed that work will be done on the use of latest technologies (Artificial Intelligence-AI) and modern software based on Google and Microsoft in the field of medical education and medical system.

*MoU with medical institutions for knowledge sharing*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that medical and academic exchanges will take place with government and private medical institutions such as Shankar Netralaya Chennai, Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai, Fortis Gurgaon and Apollo Hospital along with the use of medical robotics in the field of super specialized surgery for the use of medicine. robotics, medicine system and serious disease treatment. Memoranda of understanding will be signed with Columbia University of America for bone marrow transplantation and with Emory University for medical research and treatment of infectious diseases. Prominent doctors from various disciplines at home and abroad will sign a memorandum of understanding for the treatment of complex diseases of patients in the state, in which arrangements for health camp, medical consultation center and surgery will be taken to the Medical College Hospital.

*Training and exchange program for medical students and doctors*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that trainings and workshops will be organized for medical students and doctors on ongoing innovations in the field of medicine, new medical methods and medical research etc. in the country and abroad. As part of the knowledge exchange program, arrangements will also be made for knowledge exchange visits for medical students and doctors from government medical colleges in the country and abroad. MP doctors and medical students will be able to participate and extend their support nationally and internationally, which will result in specific training to strengthen their skills.

*Digital Knowledge Exchange Platform*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that doctors from home and abroad will be brought together on the digital platform. By developing a digital platform, doctors and medical students in the state, as well as doctors working in renowned medical institutions at home and abroad after undergoing state medical training, will be registered on the digital and connected platform. Current research and innovations in the medical field will be published digitally. There will be blogs, discussions and contests to discuss and inform about the latest medical techniques and genres. Educational activities and related videos, etc. Digital material will be made available on digital platforms, social media, YouTube, etc.

*Assimilation of the latest medical technologies*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that work will be done in the area of ​​diagnosis and treatment through the primary screening of patients through technology based on artificial intelligence. Diabetic retinopathy can be identified in the primary stage of the disease itself. With the help of AI-based software developed by Google, the effect of diabetes on the eyes can be recognized at the primary level in the analysis of the retina. This will help prevent blindness as a complication of diabetes. With the joint collaboration of Google and Shankar Netralaya, AI-based tests and treatments can be made accessible to medical students and state medical school doctors through the Medical Knowledge Sharing Mission. Apart from this, early detection of tuberculosis, stroke, brain tumor, heart disease, cancers including liver, prostate, bladder, colon, breast, bones and thyroid using AI technology and patient examination dimensions will be developed using AI. based digital pathology.

*Develop the dimension of machine learning and data analysis*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that various investigation and treatment algorithms will be prepared with software-based machine learning by collecting examination and treatment data from patients in medical college hospitals, which will help doctors and medical students to treat patients.

* Medical training with VR devices based on virtual technology *

Minister Shri Sarang informed that with the help of the latest aspect of virtual technology based VR devices of medical technology, training based on virtual technology will be provided to medical students, they will be able to get closer to the experience of performing actual medical procedures and trained well in clinical diagnosis and surgical skills.

*Use of 3D printing in the medical field*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that the use of 3D printing helps provide healthcare professionals and medical students with a new way to treat patients in multiple ways. With the use of 3D printing, better medical results can be achieved in surgery by creating replicas in the development of prostheses, teeth, bones and specific diseases of various organs.

*Creation of an incubation center for the research and development of medical devices*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that an incubation center will be developed at Gandhi Medical College for the research and development of new medical devices through Medical Knowledge Sharing Machine, so that new medical devices can be developed according to the needs of patients .

*Medical robotics*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that the use of medical robotics in the field of surgery leads to greater precision and efficiency in surgical procedures. Due to the high cost of medical robots, medical specialists and medical students do not receive training to work on robots during their studies. The medical knowledge sharing mission will provide training in the use of medical robots in various surgical procedures of orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Center of Excellence in Public Sector Medicine and private.

*Skill Development*

Minister Shri Sarang informed that under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, a skills development program will be launched to provide special training for medical, nursing and paramedical students to equip them with skills in their field of work. Efforts will also be made to connect international-level institutions, including the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank, with the aim of establishing a medical knowledge-sharing mission on the global platform.

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