BOCA RATON, Florida., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Florida Atlantic University received an inheritance pledge of $28 million of John and Ann Wood support scholarships for students enrolled in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. This is the largest scholarship donation in FAU history and the largest known scholarship donation to a Florida public university medical school.

This transformative gift in memory of their son, Robert A. Wood, will create the opportunity for debt-free schooling for aspiring physicians. It is also the hope of John and Ann Wood that it will inspire others to join us in increasing scholarship support to cover the tuition fees of every student at FAU Medical School. The current cost of in-state tuition and fees per medical student for one year is $35,000which amounts to $140,000 For four years. Students from outside Florida may also participate and will receive a scholarship for the state tuition rate.

“The FairfaxWood Scholarship Foundation was inspired by the social and educational work of our eldest son, Bruce Fairfax Wooda New Jersey-born Princeton graduate and chief engineer of Pres-T-Con Limited, a large family-owned prestressed concrete company. His efforts on the island of Trinity focused on rehabilitating teenagers who had left school at 11 and improving the lives of the poorest villagers,” said the philanthropist. John Wood. “Once we moved to Boca, we started offering scholarships to undergraduate students who needed help. After the disaster of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, 10, four-year scholarships were given to graduates of this school each year, with 53 scholarship recipients currently attended.After reading about the massive debt incurred by medical students, we have decided to include the FAU College of Medicine in our scholarship program, with an ultimate goal of 80 students Realizing that there are many more in the community who could help, we anticipate that this gift will inspire them to participate and make the FAU College of Medicine tuition-free The world has “doctors without borders – we need “debt-free doctors”.

This is the Wood family’s third donation to the FAU College of Medicine. Their previous donation in 2021 established the Robert A. Wood FAU Medical Scholars Fund and was established to support 10 medical students through four years of medical school. In 2022, they increased their impact by offering scholarships to 20 additional students for a total of 30 medical students. Today’s donation continues to expand that initial commitment.

“Over 60 years ago, Florida Atlantic was founded on the principle that higher education should be accessible to all who seek it,” said FAU President John Kelly. “This extraordinary gift of Ann and John Wood will enhance the University’s ability to attract and retain outstanding medical students from diverse backgrounds and support them on their journey to becoming competent and caring physicians. »

John and Ann Wood moved to Boca Raton in 1983, after spending 18 years in the prestressed concrete business, building bridges, piers and cruise ship terminals across the Caribbean. They continued to operate the business of Boca Raton until it was sold in 2005. John is a United States Navy veteran and an engineering graduate from NYUwhile Ann was a British citizen, brought up in Trinity and medically trained London, England.

“This gift launches our initiative toward debt-free tuition, which is only available at a handful of medical schools across the country. I hope this transformational gift inspires others to follow the path blazed by Ann and John Woodto support the doctors in our community, for our community,” said Julie G.Pilitsis, MD, Ph.D., Dean and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. “Their generosity will help the FAU College of Medicine make great strides in improving healthcare delivery and access in South Florida by attracting the best and the brightest.”

The FAU College of Medicine has been nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum. The college’s humanistic, high-tech, high-tech curriculum, coupled with its partnership with three independent healthcare systems in Palm Beach County, offers students and patients a unique experience. College of Medicine programs are designed to bring the highest quality care to the surrounding community, including underserved populations. As such, the college was recently ranked by US News and World Report No. 61 for “Most graduates practicing in medically underserved areas;” and No. 85 for “most graduates working in rural areas”.

“The FAU is grateful for the phenomenal generosity displayed by Ann and John Wood in honor of their son,” said Chris DelisioVice President of Advancement and CEO of the FAU Foundation, Inc. “This historic gift means that the Wood name will forever be synonymous with breaking down the financial barriers that prevent bright minds and compassionate hearts from pursuing their dream of becoming a doctor. We remain grateful to the Schmidt Family Foundation for their vision and dedication. initial gift to the College, laying the groundwork and creating the framework for what is now a thriving medical school.”


About Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine:

FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine is one of approximately 155 accredited medical schools in the United States. The college was launched in 2010, when the Florida The Board of Governors made a landmark decision authorizing the FAU to award the MD degree. After receiving approval from the Florida legislature and governor, it became the 134th allopathic medical school in North America. With more than 70 full-time and part-time faculty and more than 1,300 affiliate faculty, the college enrolls 64 medical students each year and has been nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum. To continue FAU’s commitment to increasing much-needed medical residency positions in Palm Beach County and to ensure that the region will continue to have an adequate and well-trained medical workforce, the FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Consortium for Graduate Medical Education (GME) was formed in the fall 2011 with five leading hospitals in Palm Beach County. The Consortium currently has five residencies accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), including internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, psychiatry and neurology. The college’s vibrant research areas include healthy aging; neuroscience; chronic pain management, precision medicine and machine learning. With the community at the forefront, the college provides local people with a variety of evidence-based clinical services that treat the whole person. Together, FAU Medicine’s primary care practice and the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health were designed to provide comprehensive health and wellness under one roof.

About Florida Atlantic University:

Florida Atlantic Universityestablished in 1961, officially opened in 1964 as the fifth public university in Florida. Today, the University serves more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students at six campuses located along the Southeast Florida coast. In recent years, the University has doubled its research expenditures and surpassed its peers in student success rates. Through the coexistence of access and excellence, FAU embodies an innovative model where traditional achievement gaps disappear. FAU is designated as a Hispanic-serving institution, ranked among the top public universities by U.S. News & World Report, and as a high-research institution by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education. For more information, visit www.fau.edu.

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