Ghana: Israel and the University of Wisconsin to promote AI and medical education


The leadership of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana (WIUC-GH) held bilateral talks on Tuesday with Israel’s Ambassador to Ghana, Shlomit Sufa, as part of efforts to collaborate and promote quality education between the university and the Israeli government through their institutions.

WIUC-GH President Prof. Obeng Mireku, who led the delegation, said the move was to ensure that Ghana follows in Israel’s footsteps in promoting the use of artificial intelligence (AI). and the practice of medical education through quality education.

He said that with the university’s strong foundation in information technology (IT), training nurses and midwives, they would attract the necessary partnerships from Israel to promote quality education in medical practice in Ghana.

“We believe that our collaboration with the Israeli government would go a long way in producing highly qualified doctors who would work in the country to ensure quality health care across Ghana,” he said.

The Ambassador of Israel, for her part, commended Wisconsin for its contribution in the education sector, which aims to improve quality health practices and praised the management through the teaching of nursing, midwives and community health practitioners.

The Ambassador said he was delighted that Wisconsin is taking the first step towards making AI a part of Ghanaian existence, adding that “with the required support, it will achieve its goals.”

“Do not slacken its cooperation and collaborative efforts with foreign institutions in Africa and beyond, as this is the surest way for the university to achieve greater excellence in teaching,” a- she advised.

She was optimistic that the deliberation with the university leadership would yield immediate results in the areas of knowledge transfer, logistical support and exchange programs with universities and public and private organizations in Israel.

Israel is renowned for its excellence in medical research and AI; areas that continue to capture the interest of entrepreneurs, investors, large corporations and consumers.

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