Glooko launches the Diabetes Medical Education Academy in Ireland


What you should know:

Glooko announced, in partnership with the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN)/Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD), the expansion in Ireland of Academythe company’s online medical education program for clinicians who treat people with diabetes.

– Originally inspired after discussions with the National Health Service England (NHSE) As part of its efforts to ensure that all healthcare professionals learn about technology uniformly, the program will help clinicians deepen their knowledge and stay current with the ever-growing assortment of new diabetes technologies. .

Why Ireland?

Academy focuses exclusively on health technology and diabetes education. The program includes a wide range of online courses for healthcare providers (HCPs) to increase expertise and proficiency in these technologies, to help deploy them to people with diabetes. All courses are accessible via the Glooko® platform or ABCD website.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, Ireland, with a population of just five million, ranks 7th in the world for diabetes-related healthcare expenditure per person. For people with diabetes and their healthcare providers, managing the myriad of technologies such as blood glucose meters and insulin pumps, and the volumes of data that accompany these technologies, is a well-established challenge. Technology tools such as web-based programs, telehealth, mobile apps, and remote monitoring are improving user accessibility and connectivity, but adopting these innovations can be slow and complicated.

Ireland is the second country to implement Academy in Glooko’s plans to deliver the program globally. Since its launch in the UK in October 2020, over 1,000 clinicians in over 300 clinics have enrolled in the programme, with over 750 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates awarded.


The program is available free of charge to all diabetes healthcare professionals in Ireland and has been funded in part by sponsorships from global industry partners such as AgaMatrix, Dexcom, Lilly, mylife Diabetescare, Novo Nordisk and Roche. Production was handled by DigiBete (DigiBete Global, Leeds, UK), who remain actively involved with Academy. The program covers the majority of diabetes devices and technologies, and healthcare professionals who complete the program will receive CPD accreditation as well as DTN UK/ABCD certification.

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