Innovations in medical technology through new materials – mixed with Hauschild SpeedMixer®


Innovations in medical technology through new materials – mixed with Hauschild SpeedMixer®

In R&D laboratories, Hauschild SpeedMixers® are essential equipment.

In R&D laboratories, Hauschild SpeedMixers® are essential equipment

Fabio Boccola, CEO Hauschild Engineering

Fabio Boccola, CEO Hauschild Engineering

Companies in the medical technology sector use DAC mixing technology to invent new materials.

Whether 3D printing or the individualization of medical products, the requirements for materials are increasing. Our list of references with customers from the medical technology sector is growing significantly.

— Fabio Boccola, CEO Hauschild Engineering

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA, Feb. 21, 2022 / — Whether it’s 3D printing, material innovations or the individualization of medical products, what unites these trends, what are the high material requirements. With conventional lab equipment, the ingredients of 3D printed parts or new materials can hardly be mixed. In order to change the physical state of highly viscous substances, greater forces must act than a simple device with a stirring tool. The reference list with customers in the medical technology sector of Hauschild Engineering, the inventor and manufacturer of the centrifugal mixer with DAC technology Hauschild SpeedMixer®therefore increases significantly.

Whether developing a product with better conductivity or a stronger composite graphite formulation, medical companies continue to innovate and improve what they bring to market. The formulations to manufacture these products require materials with increasingly unique properties. More and more companies in the medical technology sector are therefore using DAC mixing technology. Patents, white papers and real-world applications confirm the unparalleled efficiency of Double Asymmetric Centrifugal Mixing (DAC) technology, whose invention dates back to company founder Hauschild Engineering in 1974.

Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild explains: “Our SpeedMixer Hauschild® can mix different liquids and pastes, pastes with powders, one powder with another, and various combinations of liquids and powders. Even materials with different chemical and physical properties can be mixed to form new products. Epoxy resins, lacquers, paints, silicones, oils, gels, emulsions, creams, epoxies, powders, urethanes…the list goes on.

DAC technology is the key to success. The simultaneous clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the mixing cup is the special feature of this mixing principle. The combination of centrifugal forces acting in different planes enables an extremely efficient mixing process, which is characterized by a homogeneous result – without the use of stirring tools. In this process, almost 100% degassing is already achieved during the mixing process, eliminating even the tiniest microbubbles.

Mixing on demand in the manufacture of niche products
Just as important as the mix of innovative materials is the on-demand manufacture of niche products or goods with non-standard colors, short lifespans or slow sales speeds. A good example comes from the dental industry, where there are sixteen shades of dental fillings. Some shades are rarely requested. So rather than those shades sitting on the shelf and expiring, they’re made on demand using DAC mixers.

Cosmetics are another example where DAC mixers have found their way. In many cosmetic products, the base material is the same. Because pigment is the only variable, cosmetic companies offer custom shades to match a customer’s skin tone. DAC mixers play a major role in order formulation and speed, with mixing often done directly in the package.

Formulations for 3D printing
Products with formulations that require special preparation, such as some 3D printing materials, also benefit from the DAC mixer. Sometimes manufacturers need to prepare their materials in separate dispensing cartridges to keep them out of contact until they actually print. The DAC mixer allows materials to be mixed quickly, without air bubbles, in a perfectly repeatable process, allowing the manufacturer to guarantee a level of quality that other mixing technologies cannot match.

“With conventional mixers, it normally takes gallons of material and can take all day to process,” says Boccola. “With a SpeedMixer Hauschild®you only use the materials you need and can process batch after batch quickly, without waste or cleanup.

Around 7,000 innovations have already been patented worldwide thanks to this special mixer. “We look forward to seeing how our devices will continue to help drive further innovation, especially in medical technology,” says Boccola.

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