Livonia’s MedCerts Launches Three New Medical Education Offerings



Livonia’s MedCerts has launched three online medical education offerings for the roles of Medical Laboratory Assistant, Surgical Technician and Sterile Processing Technician. // Image bank

MedCerts, an online healthcare and information technology training company in Livonia, has launched three new fully online training offerings: the roles of Medical Laboratory Assistant, Surgical Technician and sterile treatment. MedCerts is a Stride Inc. company.

“Healthcare jobs are in high demand across the country. Medical laboratories, research centers, hospitals and surgical centers need to attract qualified candidates,” says Jason Aubrey, CEO of MedCerts. “Our growing portfolio of education offerings will empower people to advance their careers and solve the healthcare vacancy crisis plaguing so many of our communities.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that job demand in health care occupations will increase 16% by 2030, creating approximately 2.6 million new jobs. Despite the opportunities, the healthcare industry as a whole faces a long-term shortage of skilled workers due to an aging population and many healthcare workers nearing retirement.

Through partnerships with healthcare employers and a “train and hire” model, MedCerts connects skilled healthcare workers to open positions and works with healthcare organizations to develop staff current medical. MedCerts programs focus on high-demand and high-vacancy career paths, many of which are tailored to specialized clinical career paths.

These three new programs demonstrate MedCerts’ ongoing technological advancements that enable a learning experience unlike any other online healthcare educator by providing students with an assortment of immersive and engaging hands-on learning experiences and demonstration Virtual Key Clinical Skills.

Laboratory and surgical procedures are demonstrated via recorded video and simulation, allowing students to immerse themselves in an engaging, safe and repeatable experience. The new Surgical Technician Training allows students to practice their surgical skills by leveraging PeriopSims, a clinical simulation tool proven to simulate procedures six times faster than traditional methods.

MedCerts programs have been developed with input from a team of subject matter experts, ensuring that the programs meet the needs of students and employers. Graduates of the new programs will be prepared to pass required national certification exams, including Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant, Certified Central Service Technician, and Certified Surgical Technician.

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