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The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has started discussions with stakeholders in its attempt to make the country’s medical science education more systematic and qualitative.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Devendra Poudel today discussed with members of the Board of Medical Education Commission, Tribhuvan University Hospital, Kathmandu University , University of Purbanchal, University of Nepal Sanskrit and others how to ensure systematic and quality education of medical sciences in the country.

Minister Poudel convened the meeting at a time when concerns have been raised about improving medical education in Nepal as 98 billion rupees are sent abroad from Nepal every year through students pursuing medical studies.

Minister Poudel said: “The attraction of students for medical education is increasing in the country. Nepalese students pursuing medical studies abroad practice after returning to Nepal. Let’s plan for them to be able to study and take exams in Nepal itself. He was of the view that money sent abroad for medical education would stay in the country if provision was made for medical education. Minister Poudel also expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of qualified human resources in the field when their files were sufficient in terms of number.

“Let’s focus on quality education by increasing the competitive criteria for opportunities. In doing so, the qualified human resource must not remain unemployed,” the minister said.

“We have declined in the name of education regulation. Students are being deprived of the opportunity to study in the country due to some complexities of laws and laws,” the minister observed.

A version of this article appears in the April 27, 2022 printing of The Himalayan Times.

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