New nonprofit seeks to provide medical education


The Center for Scientific Information on Cannabinoids (CSCI) announced its launch on June 14. In a press release announcing its launch, the nonprofit organization says it wants to serve as a resource for healthcare professionals, psychologists, doctors, athletic trainers and others looking for more information about the safety and effectiveness of cannabinoids. The organization is focused on providing current, research-based cannabis information.

CSCI’s Advisory Board includes: Margaret Roche, Registered Dietitian; Dr. Steven Salzman, surgeon; Dr. George Gavrilos, pharmacist; Joseph Cachey, lawyer and former hemp executive; Dr. David Kushner, a hospitalist; Dr. Bonni Goldstein, physician; Dr. Kylie O’Brien, Integrative Medicine Specialist; and Dr. Jason Canner, oncologist.

According to Dr. Steven Salzman, appointed CSCI’s Chief Medical Officer, their organization will help fill the knowledge gap in healthcare. “As a physician and practitioner working with cannabinoids, I have heard from many other practitioners who have been looking for reliable, evidence-based information on cannabinoids and realize there is a void,” says Dr. Salzman. “The CSCI fills this void by serving as a valuable resource where practitioners can access accurate and up-to-date information about CBD and other cannabinoids to help them better understand this emerging field.”

The press release says the organization will compile the latest research and clinical best practices for cannabinoid treatments and share the information with their community. The CSCI invites those interested in medical research on cannabinoids to visit their website and join their community to receive up-to-date scientific information.

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