Open medical education, says PM


Seeking to provide more opportunities for Indian students in the field of medical education, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged the private sector “to venture into this field in huge quantities” and sought the intervention of the governments of the States to develop good policies in donating land. for this type of work.

Speaking during a webinar on the announcements of the Union budget on the health sector, Mr Modi said: “Today our children are going to small countries of the world to study, especially for medical education. There is also the language problem, yet they leave. Billions of rupees flow out of the country. Can’t our private sector get into this in massive amounts? Can’t our state governments make good policy by granting land for this type of work? So that as many doctors as possible are ready with us, the paramedics are ready.”

The statement comes a day after the Indian Medical Association requested the prime minister’s urgent intervention to ensure the safety of the large number of Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine following the Russian attack on the country.

“Recognized brand”

The Prime Minister further added that Indian doctors have brought great respect to India across the world over the past four to five decades. “Wherever the Indian doctor went, he won the heart of this country. The talent of doctors in India is considered very good by ordinary citizens of the world. This means that our branding is over. Now we need to speed up the preparation of qualified people,” he said.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that to strengthen the primary healthcare network, work on the 1.5 lakh health and wellness centers is also progressing at a steady pace. So far, more than 85,000 centers provide facilities for routine monitoring, vaccination and testing. In the 2022-23 budget, the mental health care facility was also added to them, he said.

Increased allowance

Regarding the improvement of medical human resources, the Prime Minister said: “As the demand for health services increases, we are also trying to train qualified health professionals accordingly. Therefore, a significant increase is made in the budget for health education and health care human resource development compared to last year.

Speaking about the growing global acceptance of Ayush and stating that the World Health Organization (WHO) will open its only global center for traditional medicine in India, Mr Modi said: “Today we are focusing not only on health, but also on well-being. .”

“Now it’s up to all of us to decide how to create better AYUSH solutions for ourselves and for the world as well,” he added.

The Prime Minister spoke about the positive role of remote health care and telemedicine during the COVID pandemic and highlighted the upcoming project of 5G network and fiber optic network for each village while again asking the private sector to come forward to increase their partnership. He also focused on promoting drone technology for medical purposes. He commended the health sector for successfully carrying out the largest COVID vaccination campaign in the world which established the efficiency and mission-driven nature of the Indian health system.

“The budget builds on the health sector reform and transformation efforts that have been undertaken over the past 7 years. We have taken a holistic approach in our healthcare system,” he stressed.

In his address, Mr. Modi elaborated on three factors that underscore efforts to make the health sector holistic and inclusive. These included the expansion of infrastructure and human resources related to modern medical science, the promotion of research in traditional Indian medical systems like Ayush and their active engagement in the health system, and the provision of care affordable healthcare to every citizen and every region of the country through modern and futuristic systems. Technology.

“We are working to ensure that essential health facilities are at block level, at district level, close to villages. This infrastructure needs to be maintained and upgraded from time to time. For this, the private sector and other sectors will also have to show more energy,” he added.

The Prime Minister also called on the healthcare community to work in a timely manner to advance these reforms using technology, with a focus on improving the quality of medical education and making it more inclusive and affordable.

He praised platforms like CoWin and Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission which he said provide an easy interface between consumer and healthcare provider. “With this, getting and giving treatment in the country will become very easy,” he said.

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