Revamped medical education on maps: Sudhakar


Mangaluru: Union and state governments are focused on overhauling medical education, Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr K Sudhakar has said.

Speaking at Physiocon 2022 in Mangaluru, an international physiotherapy conference, the minister said there are seven physiotherapists for a population of 10,000 in America. However, in India, there is only a ratio of 0.59 physiotherapists for a population of 10,000. To eradicate this shortage of doctors and other specialists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has focused on overhauling medical education and establishing more medical colleges in the country. With the increase in the number of colleges, the number of doctors will increase, which will help alleviate this shortage.

Medicines cure diseases. But physiotherapy breathes new life. Physiotherapy provides solutions to many problems including disability, nerve related problems, etc. Nowadays, knowledge is the most important power. In physiotherapy, competence is just as essential as knowledge and physiotherapists must develop their skills. Technology and research will play a key role here. Physiotherapy is a very old body of knowledge and our Indian system of medicine Ayurveda has several aspects of physiotherapy, he said.

Those who practice yoga and pranayama every day will gain the power to recover from illnesses. It is important to note how important physical activity is to maintaining good health. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Department of Health, in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), began providing psychological counseling to patients with COVID-19 and to their families. In the early days, there were instances where people suffered panic attacks after testing positive for Covid-19. For this reason, in order to provide them with mental strength and emotional support, counseling sessions were held. Under the program, about 25 lakh people received psychological counseling, he said.

We should provide mental health services as well as physical health services to people. For this, the Minister of Finance of the Union, within the framework of this budget, announced the program Tele Mental Health. This will be done in collaboration with NIMHANS and it is a pride that the initiative of the Government of Karnataka is now being imitated across the country.

Speaking to media personnel after the event, Sudhakar reiterated that students who have returned from war-torn Ukraine will be allowed to continue their education at more than 60 medical colleges in the state. “There should be no obstacles to their continuing their education. A committee has been formed to look into this matter. It will not represent an additional financial burden for the students. We do not know what will happen in the future, whether the students would be ready to return after a ceasefire or not.So this is a temporary measure to enable them to continue their studies.This arrangement will be made in government, private and reputable colleges.

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