Texas Medical Technology Partners With My Protect Kit, LLC To Improve The Quality And Availability Of PPE


HOUSTON – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Texas Medical Technology (https://texasmedicaltechnology.com/), a leading supplier and distributor of medical equipment, announces partnership with My Protect Kit, LLC (https://www.myprotectkit.com/ ), a supplier of high-end personal protective equipment (PPE) kits. As part of the collaboration, Texas Medical Technology will manufacture the protective masks, gloves, wipes and disinfectant gel, which constitute the PPE items of the “My Protect Kit”.

To protect populations around the world from the novel coronavirus and its ever-changing nature, the provision of extensive protective equipment has become a necessity that the existing infrastructure was unable to support. Sourcing has not been the only challenge, as purchasing PPE around the world is often entangled in complexity, bureaucracy and sometimes greed.

Through this partnership, Texas Medical Technology will leverage its production infrastructure to supply and manufacture the items that make up My Protect Kit and improve the quality and convenience of PPE. The My Protect kit consists of a pair of nitrile gloves that keep your hands free from COVID-19, a heavy-duty triple-layer mask that prevents airborne germs from entering your system Respirator, a disinfectant gel and a disinfectant wipe that allows you to quickly disinfect the surfaces you are about to touch. The premium disposable PPE kit is separately packaged, reclosable, lightweight and compact, easily slipping into a customer’s purse or glove box.

Texas Medical Technology was originally established as a supplier and distributor of medical equipment. As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, the company seized the opportunity to empower institutions, including non-medical ones, to self-manage employee safety. From monitoring employees to maintaining medical supplies and disinfectants, adhering to safety guidelines has become an increasingly difficult task for business owners protecting the well-being of their employees, especially under the dark cloud of a pandemic that continues to cripple their ability to function. As part of its mission to provide quality solutions, the company has recently partnered with Proguardeum ™, enabling it to use environmentally friendly pharmaceutical grade disinfectants and sanitation solutions for its applications, improving thus safety and durability.

As the world needed protection in early 2020, a team of entrepreneurs, designers and suppliers realized the world needed a solution to the PPE crisis, this is where the My Protect vision is. Kit was born. The team made it their mission to provide as much protection as possible for everyday users in the smallest, most convenient and practical re-sealable bag or kit. The company’s value is increasingly attracting the attention of well-known personalities.

“It’s exciting to partner with a company that shares the same vision of standardizing protection solutions in our daily lives,” said Darin Milman, CEO and co-founder of My Protect Kit, LLC. “The collaboration is an opportunity for us to marry our convenience with the quality assurance of Texas Medical Technology. ”

“The goal of My Protect Kit is to be the ultimate protection brand in the world, and we know that our partnership with Texas Medical Technology will help us achieve that,” said Doron Katz, co-founder of My Protect Kit.

“My Protect Kit is an emerging force in the field of PPE, and we are committed to making it available,” said Omri Shafran, Founder and CEO of Texas Medical Technology. “This partnership brings not only shared values, but a dynamic solution to the capacity challenges that PPE faces today. ”

About Texas Medical Technology

Texas Medical Technology, one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, has taken up supply challenges and placed them on its shoulders by focusing its attention on COVID-related PPE. Provide a range of advanced technological and non-technological equipment to enable administrators to monitor potential medical crises and protect employees. For more information, please visit https://texasmedicaltechnology.com/

About My Protect Kit, LLC

My Protect Kit, LLC was founded in 2020, after recognizing that the world needed extra protection during a pandemic like no other. A team of entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers and more, realized that the world needed a solution to the PPE crisis. With over 25 years of business experience, our team wanted to put as much protection as possible in the smallest, most convenient, and practical resealable bag. My Protect Kit was born, and with it ushered in a new era of protection. The company has created kits to fit inside a purse, pocket, backpack and / or glove box. Inside the premium kit you will find a 3-ply mask, a pair of gloves, wipes and disinfectant gel. For more information visit https://www.myprotectkit.com/

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