The iheed medical training group will create 44 new jobs


More than 40 new jobs are to be created by online medical education provider iheed, which has opened new premises in Sandyford, Dublin.

Dr Tom O’Callaghan, the group’s founder and chief executive, said it was experiencing “rapid expansion”, with the number of staff rising from 19 to 44 in the past 12 months. Its workforce is expected to double next year.

Jobs will be in areas such as technology, UX design, content development, digital marketing, sales, student support, finance, and operations.

Founded in 2013, iheed partners with leading medical universities in the country and abroad, including the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, the Irish College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and University College Dublin.

It supports 382 doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and educators who work remotely with the organization as teachers and tutors in Ireland and Britain, Europe, North America, the Middle East, in Asia and Africa.

“The pandemic has highlighted the invaluable role of doctors, nurses and health professionals in public life, while accelerating many of the challenges facing the health sector around the world,” said Dr. O’Callaghan.

“These include the growing global shortage of healthcare workers and the need to retain talent; emphasis on value for money among decision makers; and the need for an urgent shift from expensive hospital care to cost-effective community-based preventive health care.

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