WADA’s equity in medical education resources


WADA aims to identify and implement opportunities to integrate racial and social justice and equity into WADA’s existing innovation strategies and initiatives, including digital health, telemedicine, AI and medical education. —WADA’s Equity Strategic Plan

As part of medical education, WADA is committed to dismantling structural racism and increasing the diversity of the medical workforce by:

  • Support external stakeholders with a common goal of increasing admissions to medical schools among historically excluded and marginalized groups
  • Raise awareness among historically excluded and marginalized groups of pathways to medicine
  • Educate medical school administrators and faculty on the systemic barriers that prevent these groups from becoming physicians

AMA is a proud sponsor of Black Men in White Coats, a documentary that inspires more black men in medicine. This round table examines the structural barriers to increasing diversity in medicine from the perspective of black men who are both physicians and leaders in medicine.

The panel is moderated by Willie Underwood, MD, MSc, MPH, AMA Board Member and Executive Director of the Buffalo Center for Health Equity.

Dr Underwood joins the discussion with Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Northwestern Medicine; William McDade, MD, PhD, head of diversity, equity and inclusion at the Accreditation Council for Higher Medical Education; Michael Knight, MD, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WADA’s Minority Affairs Section and Head of Patient Safety, The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates; and Frank Clark, MD, division chief for psychiatric hospitals / consulting psychiatrists at PRISMA Health-Upstate.

Black men in white coats discussion guide

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With eight categories of scholarships and a variety of focus areas, including serving those underrepresented in medicine, the AMA Foundation strives to recognize a diverse cohort of medical students each year.

The AMA’s first Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellowship is a training fellowship program designed for physicians seeking to advance health equity in their communities. Sponsored by the AMA Center for Health Equity, the initiative is in collaboration with the Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI) at Morehouse Medical School.

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