Wistron Medical Technology dives deep into the digital health and precision medicine markets with its future-oriented technology services


TAIPEI, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wistron Medical Technology (WMT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, which is committed to leveraging Wistron’s more than 20 years of experience and networks in the design and manufacture of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the field of digital health and precision medicine.

Wistron Medical Technology (WMT) digitizes health information and facilitates a lightweight, cloud-based dialysis management system, BestShape Chronic Kidney Disease Care.

WMT digitizes healthcare information and facilitates a lightweight, cloud-based dialysis management system, BestShape Chronic Kidney Disease Care, which provides warnings upon detecting low blood pressure in patients end-stage kidney disease using AI technology. It provides excellent support to frontline healthcare workers and enables optimal care.

With holistic medicine in mind, WMT has also launched a health care platform, Health 365, which brings together medical institutions and the health industry, hoping to provide comprehensive care for diseases. to chronic patients and elderly groups and medical services to company employees, to create an inclusive healthcare ecosystem in their country.

Developing precision medicine that enables superior healthcare quality and outcomes has become a global trend. WMT is cooperating with Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital to develop a digital pathology platform powered by Intel’s OpenVINO open source toolkit: OWL. Based on FHIR and mCODE specifications and AI-driven disease detection algorithms, it produces structured reports that save physicians significant time in writing pathology reports. It is also an industry first that OWL makes it possible to browse and/or label pathology slides and online physician meetings, shortening the time needed to clean data and label lesions and optimizing the quality of AI models.

Taiwan is an essential partner in the global semiconductor and ICT supply chains, and its high-quality medical services and technologies are also widely recognized. The combination of the two is an island of future-oriented medical technology.

Medical Taiwan DigitalGO (June 9-23) is an integrated B2B online trade show where products and services from various sectors of the healthcare industry are exhibited, including medical devices; textile applications; raw materials and components; smart health care; and beauty and/or skin care. Come join us and explore business opportunities and blue oceans in healthcare.

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation: https://en.wistronmedtech.com/

Medical Taiwan DigitalGO: https://virtual.medicaltaiwan.com.tw/en/index.html

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